Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ultima Online - Stolen Plants

This is Belgarath and I (Aubrius) on top of our tower next to the Yew moongate on Catskills. I want to say this was around 2002 or 2003. We had just found our almost forgotten cache of Christmas plants from years earlier.

I think it was Christmas day 2000.  Every character that logged in within a certain window of days would get a deed in their pack to a Christmas gift.  One of those choices was a potted plant.  At the time I thought it was pretty lame.

Then we realized that when players selected potted plant as their gift, instead of going into their packs, it would just drop to the ground.  At first people weren't very aware of this.  So we started out just running around Brit bank snatching up plants before they realized what had happened.  Eventually people had caught on to the problem with the plants, and we had to work on a different approach.

Most players in UO were cautious, and always banked their valuables.  So we started convincing people to claim their plants at the inn near Brit bank - where one of us would have a character hidden and ready to stealth to pick up plants.  Towards the end of Christmas, I believe we had to rely on chasing people down and boxing them in to just plain steal the plants off of them.

Several years later we were selling them in sets of 5 for around $120.  We were in college and broke at this point.  So the extra money really helped.

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Unknown said...

THis brings back so many memories. Hope your doing well these days i was randomly looking up poeple from the old days of Catskills i played as Dieken FRost and Memphis Bleek and also Graphixx