Monday, February 14, 2011

Idea To Make Driving Through Yellow Lights More Exciting

Star Wars License PlateI usually drive my car when there are several of us at work going out for lunch. Near our work is this short length of road with 3 traffic lights. If you hit the first light while it is turning yellow and maintain your speed, you'll probably make it through all 3 traffic lights while they are yellow.

This past weekend I bought a gadget to play music from my phone through my car stereo. Though for the music to have a good effect, I'm going to have to start the music before the first yellow light even shows up. So I'm using the crosswalk timers as my early indicator of a potential yellow streak.

If I do end up timing it correctly, the music should hit the build ups, pauses, and traffic lights at just the right times. And the end of the music should be playing while I cruise through the last traffic light to my epic lunch.

I will not be speeding or driving recklessly. Safety is not guaranteed. I have only done this once.

This is the music I will blare out of my speakers:

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